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Studio Sale still on

..until 10th June so be quick and grab yourself an original ..a great way to start collecting unique Art:)  

I feel so relaxed again after my break away.  West Wales always inspires me and helps me to reflect on how and where to go next with my business.  The sun shone down on us at the beach and we seen and did lots of wonderful things.  I had never been to Narberth and was really impressed with the quirkey boutiques of adorning wonderful gifts and treasures.  I spent some adult time visiting the galleries that were at home in Narberth.

Each gallery was a glorious boutique of artists and crafters work adorned from floor to ceiling.  Lovely, and inspiration for anyone who loves bespoke and unique gifts.  It made my brain wander, as I collected ideas and charm which created full of ideas for perhaps what could happen for Cwtch my art. 

At the Oriel, I stepped back into time as it reminded me so much of univeristy, graduation day of exhibiting work.  Only in this case the artist on show was much more acclaimed and well known.  It was an awe inspiring exhibition.

No wonder Narberth is high on the rank for best shopping experience .. I shall definitely pop back to the town on my next visit to West Wales.

Now back in the studio inspired to recollect, organise and start to pick up my paintbrushes once more I have now decluttered the studio with the help from my sister.  Now I feel more entune with my small studio space which is a happy home of art, creating and making:)

I am eager to add more colourful Art to my studio for you.




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